El Barrio Restaurant

Calligraphy and Lettering intervention

Christopher Carpentier is one of the most recognized and successful Chilean chefs. He developed and perfected a style that today is established as a personal brand: a kitchen that revolves around local ingredients and fresh products, and integration of traditional methods and modern techniques; a style that mainly reflects influences from Latin America, French, Italian and Oriental cuisines. His recent gastronomic adventures include the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the owner of restaurants "Maldito Chef", a gourmet bar snacks, and "El Barrio", a kind of multicultural cuisine born from the affections.

It is in this last place where I was invited to perform a series of calligraphic interventions where every gesture and stroke reflects the simplicity and hospitality of the local; a place where friendship lives, eats and laughs a lot, and a toast to happiness is made no matter day or time.